Nowy klub z darmówkami / New club with freebies

Obrazek poniżej prezentuje nagrody, jakie otrzymamy, gdy klub  osiągnie daną liczbę użytkowników.
Aby dołączyć do klubu należy:
1.Użyć serwera proxy :myproxy.ca
2. W puste okienko wpisać: www.stardoll.com/pl/clubs/home.php?id=2847846
3. Zalogować się i dołączyć do klubu.
4. Opuścić serwer proxy, wyłączyć reklamy w pozostałych oknach.


The picture below shows what gifts you will get if more people join the club.
To join the club you have to:
1. Use proxy server : myproxy.ca
2. Enter:  www.stardoll.com/pl/clubs/home.php?id=2847846 
 in the blank URL bar.
3. Log into and join the club.
4. Leave the proxy server and close the adverts.


  1. it wont work though because everytime i click "join club" it gives adverts

  2. Well it works 'cause I have just joined it : / Just close the adverts and try untill you get into :)

  3. Anonymous6/30/2011

    It doesnt work for me, everytime i click nothing happens

  4. ip=
    this manual proxy works for me...
    and it is fast...
    try it and join the club...

  5. It probably depends on country. In Poland everything works ( I'm talking about proxy server )... but I'm not sure if it works at your places :(

  6. yay!!! so far we got the first 2 prizes!

  7. I am:queendiellza

    and nothing works for me

    neither proxy manual neither myproxy.ca

  8. To :
    Sorry :( I can't find different way but maybe check out in the clubs - it's very possible this club is available in your country without any proxy :)

  9. Queendiellza

    I found a way to join in this club.You need to use Internet Explorer only


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