Darmowe Acne inspired Shoes - tylko SS / Free Acne inspired Shoes - SS only

Aby je dostać :
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udział w KONKURSIE

To get them you have to:
1.Use proxy server like:
www.proxyhideout.com or www.ukryj.info
2. Enter : Stardoll.com in the blank URL bar.
3. Log into your account.
4.Paste the following link into URL bar:
5. Leave the proxy server.


  1. too bad both of these proxies today don't want to load for me... they used to work fine, i just don't know what happended today ...
    at least i had one more poland proxy on my note pad and finally i was able to get them :))) thanks for share, girls :)

  2. I always use ukryj.info and i get every freeby (very good proxy)

  3. I think shoes would look nice with the dress above

  4. I cant get them though cuz their for ss
    Really does even freebies have to be for ss

  5. hmmm, the look litte. =S
    not soo nice. but am gonna get them anyway =P ;)

  6. yes, ukryj.info always worked amazing for me, but today it simply didn't want , i don't know why... maybe it's lazy here LoL i had to use the trash.pl the name is weird, but at least worked! LoL


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