Darmowy naszyjnik / Free nacklace

Aby go dostać  musimy :
1.Zmienić proxy na: port 80 ( Narzędzia - Opcje - Zaawansowane - Sieć - Ustawienia -Ręczna konfiguracja serwerów proxy ) 
Używam przeglądarki Mozilla Firefox
2. Zalogować się na Stardoll.com , kliknąć ten  LINK
3. Teraz możesz wyłączyć proxy ( te same ustawienia co wyżej ---> be serwera proxy )
Ps. Proxy jest powolne - ale działa :)


To get it we  have  to: 
1. Change proxy to :  port 8080 ( Clear your browsing history and then go to ->Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Check the Manual box -> insert the proxy and port -> Click Save )
I use Mozilla Firefox
2. Log into Stardoll.com , click this  LINK
3. Now you can  turn off the proxy   ( settings--> without proxy server )
Ps. Proxy is really slow - but it works :) Just be patient :)


  1. VenomousVanilla7/03/2011

    oh...i've been trying this since it came out, in different browsers. The proxy is really sloooow, but it loads and i am able to log in. Then i paste the url and unfortunately the item does not appear on my suite. A pity, but sometimes it happens *lol*

  2. Yes, I know...I hate manual proxy :(

  3. ^^ well my friend, i think i must confes i don't hate manual proxys...*giggling* in fact i have a list of addresses for some countries, which works very well, like a charm :) specially UK ones.
    i don't know why this particular proxy for this necklace freebie was so hard.
    Anyway, i think i will trying with a bit more patience ^^


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