Lalki z Sea Of Stars / Dolls from Sea Of Stars

Now you can buy dolls from Sea Of Stars - 20 sd each -  Click HERE ( the boy is not available  right now - check out later )
Teraz możecie kupić lalki z Sea Of Stars - 20 sd każda - Kliknij TUTAJ ( chłopak jest tymczasowo niedostępny - spróbujcie później )


  1. That is very cheap, I might buy the one on the far right.

  2. I would have bought one if it was starcoins :(

  3. i was in the shop, and i just clicked around and then the doll is popping up. XD.
    Dont have enough sd =(
    Going to change later and maybee buy =)

  4. y do those dolls have to be 20 sd.i saw some1 with both 2.so she spent 40 on nothing.actually she was non-ss and had a day to be ss


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