Pop Shop - wyprzedaż 25% / Pop Shop - sale 25%


  1. wow ^^ that's amazing news :) everybody likes a discount LoL!

  2. Cool!

    About your polls, in my humble opinion, when you add a music on a side or blog you restrict your visits to only the people who enjoy that music. So, if a webmaster or publisher wants to be visited for many people, he/she should have a silent blog or even, have an option to turn on the music when visitor wants to hear it.
    It's very annoying when you enter a party with a song you dislike, right? Same goes on a side.
    I liked your previous songs but after hear them twice or 3 times I was really mad lol

    but i understand it's your blog and you should do what you think you should. so, good luck and thank you for your posts (:

  3. @ Karla:
    Yeah it was annoying that's why I deleted that widget... I didn't like it at all...
    But many people asked me to bring it back so I decided to make a poll - people will decide...( but this time we will have an option to turn on the music when visitor wants to hear it )

  4. Can you put many songs so that way we dont here a song over and over

  5. Discount WOHOOO =D

    how long is it going to last?? =O

  6. In your blog you had a song called Dream Awake-Lauren Evans right? Could you create a playlist and add this song cuz i freakily like it?

  7. @OLAdvb thank you sooooo much :)


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