Darmowa peruka/ Free wig

Aby ją dostać musimy :
1.Zmienić proxy na: port 80
( Narzędzia - Opcje - Zaawansowane - Sieć - Ustawienia -Ręczna konfiguracja serwerów proxy ) 
Używam przeglądarki Mozilla Firefox
2. Zalogować się na Stardoll.com , kliknąć ten LINK   
3. Teraz możesz wyłączyć proxy ( te same ustawienia co wyżej ---> be serwera proxy)

To get it we  have  to: 
1. Change proxy to : port 80
( Clear your browsing history and then go to ->Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Check the Manual box -> insert the proxy and port -> Click Save )
I use Mozilla Firefox
2. Log into Stardoll.com , click this LINK
3. Now you can  turn off the proxy   ( settings--> without proxy server )


  1. i didn't get it ! :(


  2. I've tried yesterday and I didn't get it too ( that's why I didn't want to create a post )... And today the proxy worked for me ;)
    It's the contest from Finland and it's really hard to find the right, Finnish manula proxy :(

  3. i heard this is rare...

  4. Yes it is :( I've seen this wig in Sb for 200 sd o_O

  5. ip:
    port: 80
    this is the best proxy for the lamp

  6. oladvb,i used the proxy and it leaded me to the site,but which contest should i enter,??it seems it is the engish but the language is just in spanish,there are no different cntests

  7. ima try getting it but not now cuz im on my laptop and the laptop only has chrome so ima use the computer that has mozilla..hopes it works

  8. got it Thank you!!! :)) ♥

  9. @OLAdvb: whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!?!?!?? 0_o 200 s-s-s-s-sd for a w-w-w-w-w-wig?!OH MY J-J-J-JED!!! that's the c-c-c-c-craziest thing I've ever heard :O i think i got a brain freeze O.O


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