Darmowy mikrofon i głośniki / Free microphone and speakers

Każdy kto dołączył do klubu Disney Fashion Lounge dostał kolejny prezent -mikrofon i głośniki. 
( przedmiot trzeba pomnijeszyć aby zobaczyć mikrofon )
Jeszcze nie dołączyłaś?- Sprawdź TUTAJ jak to zrobić.
Everyone who has joined Disney Fashion Lounge - got another free item - 
this time - microphone and speakers!
( you need to resize the item to see the microphone ) 
You haven't joined yet? - Click HERE to find out what to do .


  1. OMG i must be on another planet LOL cause i got the bad from this club but i didn't see any speakers ... have i missed some step?

  2. sorry... sorry sorry really !
    i said "bad" instead of bag! and said also i got any speaker when in fact i wanted to say i got any mic! double LOL ... my mistake sorry...
    all i wanted to say is that i got only the speakers and still want so much the mic!
    this issue happened to you too? i mean...have you all been able to get also the mic?!?
    hope they can fix it soon and mic appears too ^^

  3. ok... now i saw on another acct. it seems the mic comes together w/ the speakers, all in the same. is this a glitch or something?

  4. I wrote in the post that you have to resize ( minimize ) the item to see the microphone :) Yeah it should look different so it's probably some kind of glitch :)

  5. my mistake *blush* i was so crazy because of the mic that i really missed the "minimize" part LOL!

  6. i want it seperated :( XD


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