Darmowy zeszyt / Free Five Star folder

Aby go dostać musisz:
1.Użyć serwera proxy :
( zamykajcie wszelkie reklamy i inne wyskakujące okienka ) 
2.W puste okienko wpisać:  http://www.stardoll.com/es/clubs/home.php?id=2947479
i kliknąć ENTER
3. Zalogować się i dołączyć do klubu

4. Opuścić serwer proxy. 
Im więcej uczestników - tym więcej prezentów dostaniemy :)


To get it you have to: 
1.Use proxy server like :  
( close all adverts or error pages ) 
 2. Enter : http://www.stardoll.com/es/clubs/home.php?id=2947479  
in the blank URL bar.
3. Log into your account and join the club.
4..Leave the proxy server.
The more members that join - the more free gifts you get :) 


  1. isnt there another site?? =(, i cant join =(

  2. Yes thank you. i got in =D =D =D

    Loooove the clothes =D. thaaank you soo much =D

  3. i cant join because everytime i click "join club" these adverts come up,is there another proxy??

  4. srry i was logged into another account,i am actually jnala123

  5. srry i was logged into another account,i am actually jnala123

  6. @jnala123:
    I'm afraid there is no other proxy server... If you see adverts - you have to close all of them and try once more time - it works 'cause I did the same...

  7. To Jnala123:
    I used google chrome when i first tried, and when i did that i had the same problam as you have. But then i tried to join using internet explorer, and when i did that it worked (even if the adverts popped up)

  8. Yeah the best browser for me is Mozilla Firefox ( it always works for me ) , I've heard IE is also good... But everyone has problems with Chrome O_O I don't know why...

  9. I usually use google chrome, but now because my aunt's computer doesn't havechrome i used mozilla firefox and it worked perect ;]

  10. also had troubles with chrome... :/ only in firefox i was able to join . thx for share!

  11. now the club reached 25.000 + members... so everyone must have got the bag (and if you join stardoll through dontfilter.us you'll get a free 5* poster ;] )

  12. I still think chrome is the best. Or at least the fastest, but with proxy servers i do have problems sometimes, but manual proxys is very good with chrome =)

  13. oh thank you for helping me,i actually realized that when i clicked the link,all USA users can use it,it leads u to the page so u dont have to use a proxy


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