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Nagrody zdobywają  /  And the winners are:

amy235  - 450 sc
evermore1girl - 200 sc
daemon_lady - 200 sc

Please contact me:
Choose your gifts or put sth useless  in Starbazaar and I will buy it :)
Unfortunately during last week we  didn't reach 650  followers so I can't add dresses as awards ;(
Maybe next time :)


  1. congrats you 3 ;D and awww !!! but when i followed the site, it was 400 followers, so thanks to OLAdvb now this site have almost 650 :O

  2. Hey its daemon_lady)
    I put on sale chata de galoche dress if its ok. If not, then tell me and i will put something else
    And thank you i am sooo hapy)))

  3. @Alexis:
    Sure, I've bought it :)

  4. Thank you so much, I will reserve something for you now. Nice idea and congratulations to other winners.

    You were so close to 650, it is amazing good job.

  5. Congrats to the winners and also to the blog! ♥


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