Darmowa bluzka Mortal Kiss / Free Mortal Kiss blouse

Aby ją dostać:
1. Zmień proxy na port 80
    -kliknij TUTAJ jeśli nie wiesz jak
2. Kliknij ten LINK
3. Zaloguj się.
4. Następnie kliknij TU
5. Wyłącz proxy.

 To get it you have to:
1. Change proxy to port 80
   - click HERE if you don't know how
2. Then click this LINK
3. Log into your account. 
4. And now click HERE
5. Turn off the proxy.


  1. coooooooooool im gonna get RIGHT NOW :D

  2. thanks for share, i got it :) the only prob is that makes my doll's arms fatter loooooool :P

  3. lol I know xD I look like a ballplayer in that blouse :D

  4. lol i saw it's for the women rugby cup thats why the sleeves are like this....i've seen many times that in rugby(in TV)the players' costumes are too large :P

  5. * LOL * it looks a bit weird, but i may be getting...

  6. just because evryone else is writing it, im gonna too.
    LoL, its like a high school Tee with an M on it :D, but its pretty cool, gonna get it :D

  7. szkoda, ze ze zmianą proxi

  8. It didnt, work :(
    after i logged in i get to the contest page when i click the link :S

    but thanks for sharing :D

  9. I had some troubles with the log in but now i really got it into my suite. well... it is really not my taste...at least it appears on the fashion you can sell tab LoL

  10. i like itish but im not a manual proxy person


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