Kalendarz Mortal Kiss - dzień 26/ Mortal Kiss Calendar - day 26

Mortal Kiss - koszulka  - koszt 12 sd
Trochę dużo jak na zwykły podkoszulek...
Ja na pewno nie wydam kasy na coś takiego : / A wy ?
Mortal Kiss T-shirt - price12 sd
Are they serious ? lol 12 sd for T-shirt? I'm definitely not gonna buy it : /
What about you ?


  1. *LMAO*
    first they vanish the yesterday goodies, now this weird joke... :/
    if this shirt was free it was bad already!

  2. OMG, stardoll is not thinking before doing.... Im not gonna buy it either BUT 12 SD FOR A STUPID TEE??!?!?!?!!?!? I miss the times that sd was cheaper and NOT so money maker........ :(

  3. Yeah ;( when I think about times when we could buy DKNY or ELLE from Starplaza for 6 sd it makes me feel sad because I know Stardoll will never be the same again... ;(

  4. WHAT?! 6SD FOR DKNY AND ELLE????? I WANT TO TURN BACK TIME AND CREATE SD IN MY 7 (IM 12) WHEN EVERYTHING WAS CHEAPER...when were dkny and elleclothes released??

  5. I think stardoll is fooled by the succes of mortal kiss 1 :S i think they think they can make lots of money just because mortal kiss is popular, just like selling justin biebers hair to a great great "belieber"
    But this is madness, first the dolls (some were ok, but all tooo expensive) and know this!!????

  6. Anonymous9/09/2011

    Kupiłabym za góra 6sd.. szkoda kasy, ta bluzka nie jest jakaś tam rewelacyjna. Ogółem ten kalendarz nie przypadł mi do gustu.

  7. listening you friends talk about elle & DKNY for such low prices...it sounds like a good dream...it is incredible when we pick someone's old DKNY and see for what price they were able to purchase the piece...now everything is getting so pricey. Slowly, They are putting a bit more stardollars on the price of everything, the only thing they "forgot" to add a bit more stardollars was on the mothly membership LoL

  8. mnie się podoba choć jak na t-shirt to trochę droga...

  9. pricy!!! mortal kiss shud end well not like ugh


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