Other World w Starplazie / Other World in Starplaza

Ps.Papirus jest za jedyne 12 starmonet - zapewne jest to chwilowy błąd więc się pospieszcie.
Coś Wam się spodobało ? Kupiliście coś ?
Ps. Papyrus is for 12 starcoins - I think it's a temporary 
glitch so hurry up.
Do you like anything from the new collection ?
Have you bought anything?


  1. i like many things and this collection inspired me a lot :D btw nice papyrous....very helpful ;D *happy dance* I LOVE WHEN STARDOLL MESSES UP!!! ;D mwahahahhahahaaaaa

  2. There are almost always glitches when new stuff/floors comes :D :D

    hihi, saw that glitch first XD bbought 4 :S

  3. love love love too much the new collection!!! bought a lot of things! but still wanting the background although it is a bit expensive :/ will be trying to save some SD's to get it someday ^^ YAY! i love Egypt!!!

  4. cute stuff.... irt hass amystical lok


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