Top commentator - August

Pamiętacie co mówiłam o komentowaniu na blogu?
Jeżeli nie pamiętacie - przeczytajcie wpis ponownie - KLIK 
Dzisiaj wybieram top komentatora. Zostaje nim evaki135
Gratulacje - jako upominek dostajesz 100 sm ;)
PS. Pamiętajcie, że aby wygrać , że wystarczy napisać 
'cool' albo 'super' pod każdym postem - interesuje mnie wasza prawdziwa opinia ;)
Do you remember what I've  told you about 
Top Commentators ?
If you don't - check out the article again - CLICK 
The Top Commentator of August is -  evaki135
Confratulations - you will get 100 sc as a gift ;)
PS. Girls remember that writing  'cool' under each post is not
a good way to win - I'm waiting for your feedback ;)


  1. thank you alex :D :D :D :D I wasnt writing only "cool" in the posts though... Anyway, thanks again :D

  2. The PS wasn't about you hun - it was about some people who wanted to win and they put 'cool' under each post ( even the old ones ) ;D

  3. oooooooh hehe xD ok i now got it <:D should i put sth in my bazaar (for 100sc) for you to buy it?

  4. Oh i'm not like that lol i was like he ONLY ONE commenting and then this "top commentors" thing came up then EVERYONE sarted commenting ;D

  5. xXxΞv@k!xXx is it you?? :D congratz, you deserve it not only because you are writing many comments ;)

    Yeah i have seen the cool girl, sometime it comes 2 comments of the same :S

  6. @johanna9813: yes i am evaki135 :) thank you very much :D

  7. congratz... i dont think i wrote cool...... uh oh... plz tell em in not ur problem...


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