Darmowa farba do włosów-tylko SS/Free hair color-only SS

Aby ją dostać:
1. Zmień proxy na port 8080
-kliknij TUTAJ jeśli nie wiesz jak
2. Kliknij ten LINK
3. Zaloguj się a następnie weź udział w konkursie.
4. Wyłącz proxy.

 To get it you have to:

1. Change proxy to: port 8080
-click HERE if you don't know how
2. Then click this LINK
3. Log into your account.
4. Now take a part in the contest.
5. Turn off the proxy.


  1. although i already have a purple hair color from MSW collection...i'd love to try this one! ... unfortunately i am not able to get this one... the proxy is way tooo slow and even does not load the contest page...oh! tooo bad :/

  2. *YAY!!!* finally i could receive this item on my beauty parlor!! i tried again lots of hours after reading here and worked ^^ maybe it was many people using the proxy all together. Although it is purple like the MSW color, they are not the same :D this tone is way better, cause it is a bit darker and intense ^^ really love to get free hair colors! *YAY* *YAY* *YAY*

  3. zrobiłam, dzięki kolor bardzo fajny

  4. OMG, is it hair colour for freeeee :D :D


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