Zwierzęta są animowane - sądziecie, że będzie to nowa kolekcja zwierząt LE ? 
Takich jak Pet-a-Porter? A może coś innego? 

PS. Przykro mi, ale musiałam zlikwidować blogowy chat - zbyt wiele zazdrosnych 
pokrak próbowało prowokować mnie i siostrę jak i innych użytkowników ...
Animals are animated - do you think it's a new  collection of  LE animals ? 
Like Pet-a-Porter? Or maybe something else? 

PS. I'm really sorry but I had to remove the blog chat - too many jealous people
tried to provoke me, my sister and other users...


  1. Love those freaky animals :P :D If they are not tooo expensive im gonna get... we'll see :P

  2. raczej to chyba stwory z Evening Falls...

  3. although i love mythology and the cerberus is amazing, i don't like the idea of the bloody animals...and today i saw their price... :X :X :X
    ps. what's the first one thing on the spoilers?? i can't figure out what this could be *LoL*


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