EDIT: Nadchodzi nowa kolekcja LE decor.
Jeden z przedmiotów widoczny jest w dzisiejszych spoilerach - winda.
EDIT: New LE decor collection is coming!
Check out spoilers - there is one item from the new collection - the lift.


  1. yes...yes... ^^ this is my world since the last 8 years ^^ as a designer for the sims custom content furniture, i am more than glad to see a store from EA on SD :) will be checking the items ( although i think they could release at least one freebie :/ )

    Ps. off topic talk ... ^^
    hope that the sims 3 pets store on SD be less troublesome than the real sims 3 pets game... it came with a lot of problems to both downloaders and designers...*LoL*

  2. Anonymous10/21/2011

    Ooo, Simsy ;D

  3. Hey, isnät it rebecca bonbon?? do you think is even more free stuff from the club?? :D

    Haha, the sims 3 :P Well the pets are kind of cute :)

  4. LE... chyba nie skorzystam tak jaki i ze sklepu Sims

  5. ha ha! :D rebecca bon bon halloween!!! :P hey new le store!!!!!!!! omg im gonna love it!!!

  6. yep it will be maybe Rebecca Bombom Halloween edition ... but i think they will be putting on their Kmart... maybe in coins :)


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