Darmowa sofa - tylko dla SS / Free ottoman- SS only

Aby ją dostać:
1. Zmień proxy na port 3128
-kliknij TUTAJ jeśli nie wiesz jak
2. Kliknij ten LINK
3. Zaloguj się a następnie weź udział w konkursie.
4. Wyłącz proxy.

 To get it you have to:
1. Change proxy to: port 3128
-click HERE if you don't know how

2. Then click this LINK
3. Log into your account.
4. Now take a part in the contest.
5. Turn off the proxy.


  1. reminds me of ramadan :P

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. trochę dużo roboty z tym...

  3. @ johanna9813 ....> i totally agree! ^^

    but unhappily i am not able to get it :/ the italian page even does not load properly, than i am not able to send any photo :/ will try later.

  4. Yes!!! got it! ^^ i noticed that when i try some slow proxies with no other loading pages active, the proxy delays too much to give me the free item... then, now i open any video on You tube to "help" the bytes thing, and ...it works! voodoo or not, works most times :D

  5. Ah! I dont use Manual Proxys but thank you for the Post - bracken1234


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