Medoll miesiąca - finalistki - październik/ Medoll of the month - finalists - October

Niewiele osób zdecydowało się wziąć udział w konkursie na Medoll miesiąca 
- z tego powodu podjęłyśmy decyzję o wybraniu jedynie pięciu finalistek.
Czy w ogóle jest jeszcze sens w urządzaniu tego typu konkursów? : /
W każdym bądź razie oddajcie przynajmniej głos na Medoll października ;)
Not many members took a part in that contest, that's why we decided to
choose only five finalists. Do you see any sense to create 
this contest in the future? : /
Anyway, vote the best Medoll of October ;)

Ankieta zamknięta / The poll is closed
Wyniki / Results


  1. dwie finalistki mi się bardzo podobają :)

  2. Not many people find the contest interesting anymore. That could be because of cheating - there's an easy way to vote for one person as much times as you want. So the results may not always be correct - you understand me.

  3. @Palladia:
    You are completely wrong my dear...
    You can't cheat in voting - there is an option which blocks IP numbers so you can vote only once for one person :/ Do not accuse anybody of cheating! Or maybe you claim I cheat?! A new person wins each month so why did you find it mendacious ? Yeah ,of course people ask their friends for votes or put the note in their presentations - but that is NOT cheating! Saying sth like this you hurt me and other members!

  4. @OLAdvb:

    First of all, I never said that anybody was or is using that way to win - mark that. I just wanted you to know that these polls are vulnerable: changing IP and cleaning cookies is enough to vote again. You can try if you want =)

  5. they are all so pretty! ^^ hard to choose :)

  6. well only now i read this part "Not many members took a part in that contest, that's why we decided to
    choose only five finalists. Do you see any sense to create
    this contest in the future? : /"

    Entering a contest will never hurt anyone ^^ *LoL*

    I not entered myself cause my dollie and suite are a bit messy these times, sometimes i don't even change her

    clothes for some days in a row, due to low free time... :( so, i think that for me to enter a contest of medoll

    of the month, my dollie and suite must be cute and i must at least put something pretty for her to wear, a

    new make up etc... those things. well that's my opinion and that's why i sometimes don't enter... it's cause i

    know i will not giving attention to my doll. Yes, i enter Stardoll everyday to earn 40coins and restock bazaar

    ( which is my most very loved activity on stardoll! i am addicted to starbazaar *LoL*) and thus... i spend my

    allowed time to "play" on stardoll doing those things and not always i open my storage to search something to

    change her clothes.... then i save the suite the way it is...go to beauty parlor and save the way it is again and

    ... time's up :/ then i must return to work.

    sure that asking for votes on pres or even facebook, friends etc is not cheat:) people use to do this and i know

    also that i will never win contests, since i have only 1 page of friends on stardoll. And even if i had more than

    100 pages, i would never ask for votes either...nor nothing like this, it is really not my kind. Also i don't like

    facebook, i am not really into those social networks ... I'm a bit closed and use to use those most with

    profesional matters. We here at work spend about 10-12 hours... sometimes 14 h daily working in front of

    pc... so when it is time to close the labour, we are really not into social networks or such.

    I don't think it is cheating people doing the asking for votes...but sure that the ones with more friends will

    always win. And if someone enters a contest not just for the fun of being in... i mean, if someone enters only

    because of the win title and prize... yes... this person will probably lose interest in the future, as she/he

    probably will see only the most populars winning regardless if they are prettiest or not.

    I am an adult, with more than 30 and people like me usually don't take things so serious... yeah! everyone

    want to win...but we can deal nicely with being in a contest just for the fun of participating. However

    younger members maybe don't see this way. Remember the MSW? we saw girls spending crazy money trying to

    win something, taking all that competition so serious...which was even scary :/ and in the end... well...not

    really the most pretty member have won :/

    as to your question my friend... yes i think it will be maybe a fun for the members which never won and you

    can observe till the end of the year , at least to close this year's medolls . well ... for the next year... the

    development of the 'Medoll of december' contest will maybe bring the answers :)
    Friends, sorry for the size of this msg.
    if you find this annoying, it is only go to the next posting ;)
    sorry Alex!

  7. @VenomousVanilla:
    I always like reading your messages sweetie so you can write them all the time :D I appreciate it :) Your opinion is always welcome :)

    Well hun you know that kind of things so maybe you...cheat... Btw it's ( the poll ) protected by IP number and by computer serial number and you can't change it - or maybe you're a hacker and you can? Oh and is that only my opinion or you are trying to incite people to cheat in my contests? Maybe they will follow your SMART IDEAS ( about changing this or that )...Well done ! And now you should LEAVE :D Bye bye

  8. Aw, yay!
    Thank-you so much!
    Good luck to the other girls, and I'm so happy I placed. (:

  9. @OLAdvb:

    What I know and what I can do remains my own business. My "SMART IDEAS" are possible and you won't probably call me a hacker - I'm just a 14 year old girl. :D

    You didn't have to make me reveal the way of cheating - but after that CAPSLOCK message you-know-where I was feeling like I had to tell it all.

    Also, I'm deeply sorry but I've already left all places I ever could leave yesterday.

    I'm not going to argue, you know, so just know that it's you who made me to reveal my "SMART IDEAS".

    I will always like your blog independently of contests or my membership. I'll be visiting it everyday like I was doing for many months.

    Good luck and good bye. =)

  10. I Will Enter the Next one. - bracken1234

  11. Dziękuję Olu! ;*
    Zapraszam do głosowania! :)

  12. I vot 3 btw are you going to have any more?


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