LE - spoilery nowej kolekcji / LE - new collection spoilers


  1. I Like the hair thing on the top one :)

    ~ bracken1234

  2. *OMG* many many ppl waited for LE yesterday, we were almost sure it would be released... but yet, it was all in vain :/
    Now i know already...when it finally be released, i would be all busy, at work or something and then it will happens like the past collection, where i missed the items i was wanting to buy :(((
    and thus, it left us with no option than be depending of that awful and ridiculous prices at starbazaar... but that's ok, that's stardoll after all
    Hope it can be out soon, we are so tired of waiting.

  3. jupi!!! nareszcie ciuszki z LE!


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