Ukryte rękawiczki LE / Hidden LE gloves

W sklepie z nową kolekcją LE nie ma czerwonych rękawiczek ze spoilerów - ale możecie je kupić za 30 sd poprzez ten LINK
Spieszcie się!
In the new LE store there aren't any red gloves from the spoilers - but you can buy them through this LINK
Hurry up! 


  1. i didn't notice this! *LoL* i bought using the search/LE option, cause when i first loaded the store, the second and third floors were on a bug, w/ lots of empty mannequins. I panic'ed but then my angel said to look the search and the gloves were there ^^

  2. kupiłam je, na całe szczęście zdążyłam :)

  3. bought them :) there are still plenty of them!


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