Darmowy animowany lampion / Free animated lantern

Aby go dostać należy wziąć udział w TYM konkursie.
To get it you have to take a part in THIS contest.


  1. i took part on the contest, but the lamp did not appear ... a pity i want it so much...

  2. @ Venomous Vanilla:
    Hey sweetie :) If you really want to get it - just write a small note to stardoll telling them that you took a part in the contest but you didn't receive the gift :(
    It will help - I know it 'cause my sister did the same when she hadn't got the swan ( I think ) from one of the contests :)

  3. oh dear! ^^ thank you so much for letting me know about the note for stardoll^^
    for an unknown reason it was delivered this afternoon to me :D
    i took part in the contest a day before the post here { on 21 jan } and when i saw the post here i went on the contest page again and it said i was participating since my entry was already submitted... i searched the whole suite { again! } and nothing:/ some of my friends also had this problem. Only today i saw the small gift and it appeared :) i was glad ^^

  4. mi się zbytnio nie podoba ale zrobiłam..


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