Darmowa kurtka / Free jacket

Aby ją dostać należy:
1. Użyć serwera proxy : http://www.goproxing.com/
2. W puste okienko URL wpisać : www.stardoll.com
3. Zalogować się .
4. Ponownie wpisać: www.stardoll.com/en/campaigns/hunger-games-uk/
5. Opuścić serwer proxy. 
To get it you have to:
1.Use proxy server like : http://www.goproxing.com/
 2. Enter: www.stardoll.com
3. Log into your account.
4. Now enter:www.stardoll.com/en/campaigns/hunger-games-uk/
5. Leave proxy server.


  1. nie podoba mi sie- nie robie

  2. for the moment, the proxy is not working for me. it simply does not respond. wondering how this jacket will fit the doll. I guess they put the arms to be hidden by the body of the jacket...but still it looks a bit weird to me .

  3. Cool But it's not my taste..I like JUst something interesting ;P


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