Eco Design For a Better World - nowy sklep / Eco Design For a Better World - new store

W nowym sklepie , jedna z sukienek dostępna jest za kwotę 15 starmonet - jest to zapewne błąd, który szybko zostanie naprawiony- skorzystacie z okazji?
EDIT: Cenę zmienili już na 15 sd.
One of the dresses from the new store , costs 15 starcoins - it is probably another glitch... Are you gonna buy it? Hurry up then :)
EDIT: They've changed the price into 15 sd.


  1. niestety nie zdążyłam- już jest za 15sd...

  2. :(((( too late for me...when i logged in in that day it was 15 sd already :( about the store, i respect a lot the eco idea, but must confess i liked just 2 or 3 dresses...that yesterday newspaper thing is so awful... i think there's no need to take things into this point...but i respect sincerely this matter.


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