Epiphany - nowe piętra / Epiphany - new floors

Cena przedmiotów z nowej kolekcji poraża O_O
Zwykły naszyjnik - 40 sd? Szok! 
Moja siostra ujęła to w jednym prostym zdaniu:
 "No chyba d*pa ich swędzi! " - (sorry ale to tylko cytat =D ) 
A co wy o tym myślicie?
New collection is horribly expensive O_O
A necklace - 40 sd? What the heck?
Don't you think it's too much?
What's your opinion? Do you like new items?


  1. i'm socked till now...!
    even not being a fan of huge necklaces and native american related stuff like this collection, ... yes...there're some turquoise jewels in this collection i very much liked...but with this expensive price, i simply left the store without buy anything.
    It seems Stardoll wants us to refill like crazy just to make them richer... :( those prices are ridiculous, and yes my friend...you're right...it's just too much :/

  2. NeyneyR3/07/2012

    Wayyy to expensive. I would never buy it. What happened to the top commentators widget?

    1. What do you mean? What's wrong with Top commentators widget?

    2. NeyneyR3/08/2012

      When i visited the site it just said Top Commentators and no names.

  3. Anonymous3/09/2012

    nie lubię tego sklepu więc nic nie kupię

  4. Anonymous3/11/2012

    its to expensive and they are not even nice jewelery :L im dissapointed

  5. przeginaja z cenami i to rowno :/


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