Stardoll Girls Store - ♥ IT GIRLS ♥

Ubrania ze sklepu Stardoll (  jak i sam sklep )  zmieniły się w 
nową markę - ♥ IT GIRLS ♥ Czy to komuś zrobiło jakąś różnicę?
Stardoll Girls Store has a new name - ♥ IT GIRLS♥  
What do you think about the change?Was it necessary ? : /


  1. stardoll and one more "invention" LOL first they offer 50% discount on the whole store, then they took off the old name , switching to a brand new one, took also some awful old clothes off and ... PLIM! a "new" store came out! new????? in my opinion they should get rid of all old clothes and then start a new store, with brand new clothes, each floor at a time. mixing old stuff with new stuff, now all labeled as "it girls" was a bit weird...but that's ok, stardoll likes to be weird sometimes! *LOL*

  2. fajna marynarka;) mam ją!


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