Wild West - nowy sklep + pomyłka / Wild West - new store + glitch

Dostępne jest nowe wnętrze - koszt to tylko 35 starmonet - 
kupujcie szybko bo to na pewno pomyłka!
EDIT: Wnętrze kosztuje teraz 35 sd!
There is a new interior - price 35 starcoins - 
hurry up 'cause it's probably a glitch!
EDIT: The interior costs 35 sd now!


  1. *OMG* i love when stardoll does this!!! ^^ love the interior! it's amazing! :) the store is also pretty despite i'm not very addicted to native american furniture, but some things are actually so free to use anywhere... i wish i will have some free time to build more rooms! i am not able to do this since sweet suites! :O

  2. they were quick this time changing the price! LOL ... and *YaY* ! i'm glad some people were able to get when it was in starcoins ^^ *YaY* *YaY* and even more *YaY*

  3. ja na szczęście zdąrzyłam kupić to wnętrze

  4. ja kupiłam to wnętrze.

  5. cool I like the interior ;)


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