Look closely / Patrz uważnie

Look closely ;) It's not what you really see in these pictures :)
Comment if you like it ;D 

Popatrz uważnie ;) to nie jest to co widać na pierwszy rzut oka :)
Komentujcie jeśli się podoba ;D

1. Oh does that man really have such skinny and smooth legs? 
Nope 'cause they're NOT his legs ;D Look closely!

2. Is there only a carpet? ;)

3. Does that woman really have a foot instead of her hand? ;)
Well take a look once again :)  

4. I'm confused - so is that DAD or MOM? ;D 
Can you see her head?

5. Oh you! You thought that girl is naked? 
That's only her friends' arm :D

6. Camouflage... Like a boss :D Yeah she's wearing leggings ;D

7. It's only her arm :D What did you think about? :D

8. Such a lovely...hairy arm O_o No, wait - it's HIS leg!

9. Who is holding whom? :D Look closely!

 10. Is that lady from Narnia? 
Nope, that's not the part of her body :D


  1. i like them so much haha

  2. Anonymous8/18/2012

    Those are rather hilarious. :D Some I'd seen, but they still take me by surprise. ;P

  3. ha ha ;D Optical illusions ha ha =)The picture number 7- OMG ;D It's really funny lol

  4. Omg, Those are so funny! Haha

  5. hahahahahahaha Sweet ;)

  6. haha so hilarious!!!!!


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