Want to write for us? Writers and blog partners needed.

Hey dollies!   
If you have noticed – I don’t have much time to publish all posts by myself ;(
After 2 month break I’ve changed some things  and realized we need some help ;) 

We are looking for writers :
 2 people to write about freebies
 1-2 people to publish spoilers
 1 person to do makeovers We have found sb.  soso-asooly
1 person makeup video tutorials -We have found sb. -  lulu trulu
 1  to write about hot buys We have found sb.  - Mi5bah14
2 people to write about news like new offers, sales, new stores and so on 
If you have some original ideas – just let us know :)

From this moment we will write only in English so I hope Polish followers won’t mind ;)

If you’re interested or have more questions– contact me HERE or write a comment under this post.

You need to have at least  20th starpoint level,   
be over 13 years old,  
 have positive attitude and some free time  ;)
 It’s great if you have previous blog experience but it’s not really necessary.

What you need to know? 
 How to use blogger,  take and edit pictures,  change proxy and search for new freebies/spoilers.

PS  We also need some blog partners – so if you have a blog with more than 50 followers -
perhaps you are the right partner for us.

We’re waiting for your  feedback!

Take care!


  1. Anonymous8/16/2012

    I would be interested in doing makeovers, but I hardly think that I'm qualified. ;) However, if it hasn't been taken yet, I would love to post about new items, stores, new, or something on that context. This is quite a beautiful blog!!

  2. i am intrested in doing makeovers :)
    i have a youtube channel where i do stardoll makeover videos :)
    i love ur blog btw xoxo
    ive had past websites and i have worked with blogger for a while :)


  3. @ DoctorWRoser118: Ok, you can write about news :) If you are sure you want to just send me private message and I will explain everything :) See you :*

  4. @lulu trulu: Sure :) If you could send me a link to your youtube channel to show me some of your makeovers, it would be great :)

  5. I've written for several blogs before, so I have the experience. I would like to do either the makeovers, hotbuys or the news. I like this blog and writing for it will motivate me to do more :) x (Stardoll account: MI5BAH_01 )

  6. Mi5bah14 : Great :) We need sb to write about hot buys or real fashion in Stardoll world ( if you know what i mean ) :) And if we're talking about makeovers - do you have any examples of your work ? :) If you do, send me a link please :) Take care!

  7. this is my newest video :)

    i have some others aswell

  8. @lulu trulu :I've seen the video :) And it's great - so if you still want to write for us - will you be able to post at least one video per week? 'Cause we're talking about video tutorials only, right ?

  9. I'll be interested in the HB and RealWorld fashion. I don't have any before pictures, but if you go in my photos, there'll be some of people I makeover-d

  10. @ Mi5bah14:
    Ok, it's great :) HB and Fashion sounds fine - you can check out our last posts about hb in menu - if you agree send me your email address and I will send you the invitation :)

  11. Check your stardoll friend requests for the email :)

  12. grandpagirl8/16/2012

    I am interested in Hotbuys (:

  13. @grandpagirl

    And is there anything else you can write about? We have found sb to write about hb ;( Maybe some your ideas? It doesn't have to be connected to stardoll - because we write about many different things ;) what do you think about it? (;

  14. Anonymous8/16/2012

    Hello, I would be interested in either freebies or new stores e.t.c! :D

  15. DeltaFlowerPink8/16/2012

    Sorry that was from me (Stardoll name: DeltaFlowerPink)

  16. @DeltaFlowerPink: Hey :) Yeah we need someone to write about freebies - so if you're still interested just let me know ;) We will also need your email to send the invitation :)Take care!

  17. @ Tim Mcgraw : Thanks a lot! :)

  18. love your blog so much i can be do makeovers this my blog hope you like soso-asooly-stardoll.blogspot.com if you see that i work choose me
    this my username soso-asooly
    name Sarah my age 13 form Palestine

  19. and i can be too write about news like new offers, sales, new stores and so on

  20. @soso-asooly : Hey Sarah :) Yeah we need sb to do makeovers - can you do sth similar to these ones?--->http://miss-of-stardoll.blogspot.com/search/label/makeover ? If you are ready to start - send me message via blog email ( you will find it at the top of the page), then I will send you the invitation :)

  21. i do the make over on you ok i will send it


  22. oh no you have yahoo i don't have i have hotmail why i will send it ?!

  23. @soso-asooly: Sweetie , I see you didn't understand me at all ;( I don't need MY makeover O_O I thought you wanted to be a writer - just ask people if they want a makeover on blog and then if THEY AGREE do sth like that and publish it on blog ;( Do you understand me? Just send me message here: missofstardollblog@yahoo.com and then I will sen you the invitation, ok?

  24. i know but you said a make over so i show you a make over yes i want to be writer in your blog ..... this my email

  25. because i don't have yahoo

  26. @soso-asooly: Oh , ok Sarah - I've sent you the invitation - you should have received your message - check out your mail box :) Let me know in my gb if you have any further questions :)

  27. ok thanx so much i just want to know one thing were the time that i am gonna post the makeovers sorry i ask so much i know i am troublesome sorry

  28. @ soso-asooly: You ask me when to publish your makeovers? well, you can publish one per day or at least one per week please - i left a comment in your gb, too ;) and btw - are you the follower of this site? Have you clicked 'follow us'? :) 'Cause our writers have to be followers of this site :)

  29. Anonymous8/20/2012

    Hey I have known your blog for a year now and joined stardoll for 2 years (just changed accounts). Sadly I am not 13 yet but I will become 13 in 2013. My makeup up skills were not that good before from when you di my makeup but this time it's a new me :)

  30. @ Aroob Ansari: Unfortunately we have sb for makeovers :(

  31. oj ja bym sie raczej nie nadawala, za duzy ze mnie len :D

  32. I like to be a writer of this blog..I love this blgo :D

  33. chciałabym ale źle piszę ;p z tymi przecinkami i wgl.


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