Top commentator - September / Top komentator - Wrzesień

The Top Commentator of September is - Rzoo
Congratulations -  50 sd award is yours. 
 (in gifts if you're not SS or via Starbazaar) 
You have 48 hours to take your prize - first let me know about it in my gb .

Top komentatorem września zostaje Rzoo .Gratulacje - wygrywasz 50 sd .
 (w prezentach jeśli nie jesteś SS lub przez Starbazaar) 
Masz 48 godzin na zgłoszenie się w mojej kg po nagrodę - w innym wypadku pieniądze przepadają. 

Comment our posts and get 50 sd in October!
Rzoo - this month you can't enter this contest - 
but it doesn't mean you can't comment our posts :)
Komentuj i zdobądź 50 sd w Październiku!
Rzoo - w tym miesiącu nie bierzesz udziału w konkursie - 
ale to nie znaczy , że nie możesz komentować postów :)


  1. thnak you very much But My old account rzoo is hacked And I can't to login it I do not know why ...But you can talk whith me In this account: asell88

  2. congrats pretty doll

  3. @ Rzoo : Ok hun, no problem - I will buy sth from the other account :) Take care!

  4. @OLAdvb:Ouu thnx so much Alex..But I get it back My pass. was in my email but I wasn't see it..Thank you so much ;D

  5. thank you soo much :D

  6. How many comments did you post?

  7. I wasnt sure if you were going to see it the other time I posted this because it was on an older post so i am reposting it I still wanted to ask you If someone wanted to buy stuff in your starbazar worth 50 stardollars but for only 2 stardollars would you allow that ?

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