John Galliano Kids - new store in Starplaza / John Galliano Kids - nowy sklep w Starplazie

What do you think about the store and prices?
Real life versions of the clothes are in my previous article - HERE
Co sądzicie o sklepie i cenach? 
Realne wersje ubrań znajdziecie we wcześniejszym poście - TUTAJ


  1. I hate the Harrods soooo much because it's all for children -_-

    lifeofabarbie xoxo

  2. Omg, kiddy clothes agian!! Oh stardoll should stop make an Kiddy clothes. btw I just like some clothes on this store.

  3. I'am miss-pet on stardoll :)

  4. I don't really like the new collection. There are only a couple of items that I would actually buy if I had the money. I like some of the dresses, but that's it for me...

  5. I don't like this collection, Harrods is just plain and boring, I wish Stardoll would release some worthy real brands, not these crappy kids stuff, that are full of jeans and tshirts! Come on Stardoll! You can do better. We are just waisting our money, and that's pretty dissapointing.
    ~ GossipGirlSBC

  6. Why is it always kid clothing?! - applemartini

  7. Ceny są jak to w Harrodsie ogromne, a ubrania są zbyt jak to jest już napisane dziecięce. Niektóre m się podobają, ale niektóre to już woglę przesada.


  8. mi się niezbyt to podoba
    te bluzeczki...jak dla małych dzieci
    wiem że w Harrods to ogólnie są kolekcje dziecięce, ale są strasznie nieciekawe

  9. The clothes are okay, there's only one item i like and that's actually the earmuffs!
    It's too childish :(


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