Free Heart / Darmowe Serce

To get it you have to:
1. Change proxy to : port: 80
- click HERE if you don't know how.
2. Log into Stardoll.com and click this LINK
3. Enter the competition and turn off the proxy.
Aby je zdobyć należy:
1. Zmienić proxy na port: 80
- kliknij TUTAJ jeśli nie wiesz jak to zrobić.
2. Zaloguj się na Stardoll.com a następnie kliknij ten LINK
3. Weź udział w konkursie i wyłącz proxy.


  1. I remember it from veeery long time ago :D I think it's been brought out of their items-stash (holder, folder, or what ever the name :D) every year for many years :D And I still don't have it :D Lol, gonna try to get it this year ^^

  2. Not really worth using the manual proxy! But it is cute. - applemartini


  3. It's not worth it using a manual proxy.
    I will not do all that work for a little heart.


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