Free Scarlet Hoodie / Darmowa Bluza Scarlet

To get it you have to:
1.Use proxy server like : http://dontfilter.us/ 
 2. Enter: www.stardoll.com
3. Log into your account and enter : 
in the blank URL bar.
4. Click YES when you see the box called 'HAVE YOU READ THIS BOOK?'
5.Leave proxy server. 

Aby ją dostać  należy:
1. Użyć serwera proxy : http://dontfilter.us/ 
2. W puste okienko URL wpisać:www.stardoll.com
3. Zalogować się i w pasek URL wpisać poniższy link i kliknąć ENTER:
4.Odszukać okienko z napisem 'HAVE YOU READ THIS BOOK?'
5. Kliknąć YES i opuścić serwer proxy.



  1. Thanks ;) It's not my style but hey it's a freebie ;-)

  2. na razie nie robię :P

  3. Cute!! I don't need a proxy ;)

  4. I'll get it just because it's a freebie

  5. Got it! - applemartini


  6. Finally randomly got it trying to get another item xD

  7. @Ladydiver aka The_N aka Jingle Dead : This one always works ;-)
    PS How could you get it randomly if you have to do a bunch of different things in this club/campaign thing? =/

  8. @QUEEN_MIRABELL I seriously have no idea how I got it O.o It was just there like *poof* :D

  9. @Ladydiver aka The_N aka Jingle Dead: I don't believe in magic . It looks like you're trying to get the best score in TC and you leave a few @messages under each post! That isn't right <<

  10. @Ladydiver aka The_N aka Jingle Dead and QUEEN_MIRABELL : Girls I saw your comments in the incoming messages. If you want to talk to each other - please use your own guestbooks.

    @Ladydiver aka The_N aka Jingle Dead : 5 replies to the one post is enough.
    I asked you not to do that a few days ago - some people might get nervous :(

  11. @Ladydiver aka The_N aka Jingle Dead @QUEEN_MIRABELL way to try to get top commentator........

  12. @OLAdvb I'm so sorry I forgot to delete some of the previous comments as I promised to you that I'd do when I got a new thought :/
    @QUEEN_MIRABELL I seriously don't know how I got it. It might just have been delayed or something, but it took a long time before it showed up in my suite and I just thought it was because I logged on another proxy.And the @messages, you're doing it yourself and I hope it for the same reason as I, that you like to meet new people and talk to them. I really hoped we could be friends because we both like this blog so much and have got something in common.
    @Myfashion101 You've left a lot of comments straigt after each other the lat few days, so I don't think you're one to speak right now.

    Lastly, if OLSdav decides that I'm making problems, then I'd gladly leave to TC competition 'cause I am honestly only here to talk about Stardoll. I've been a member since '06 and I don't know anyone IRL who plays, I only know other Stardolls. But if leaving the competition means that I can talk as much about Stardoll as I want in here, I'll leave.
    But I don't want to be acused of breaking rules and behaving badly by any others than the owners of this blog, and if you two (QUEEN_MIRABELL and Fashion101) keep that up, then I'm just gonna leave, nothing is worth being bullied over.

    I hope you'll reply to my SD-user with your descision OLAdvb since I don't want others to comment on this.

  13. @ Ladydiver aka The_N aka Jingle Dead: You removed your old comments but they were still here. I removed them forever because they were counted in TC. And sweetie - stop replying to others' messages all the time. I get notifications about it all the time.

    I ask everyone to stop doing that - and I really hoped we understood each other. From now on I will be removing unnecessary comments so girls please leave comments to the point and if you want to talk to people, use their guestbooks.

  14. For the record, I wasn't bullying anyone. I just see Queen and Ladydiver leaving comment after comment to each other, while I just try to add some more so that I can catch up because I'm playing fairly and I need the money. And Ladydiver, idk why you're so mean to me but treat Queen with respect and kindness......


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