Hot Buys Weekly 3

The new HB Weekly collection has been released. That is something I have never expected to get with the HB tag. The coat looks like inflatable raft - size XXL, the bag reminds me of Furby, pinkish 'Barbie' shoes, hideous 'Frog' glasses and ... chain. And voila - we're ready to haunt the old castle... I have just one question - what the hell is this? 
Some kind of joke? Misunderstanding? =/ 
But maybe you have a different point of view - share your opinion.
Nowa dostawa HB Weekly pojawiła się w Starplazie. Jest to 'coś' czego nigdy nie oczekiwałabym zobaczyć z metką HB. Płaszcz wygląda jak dmuchany ponton  - rozmiar XXL, torba przypomina mi pociesznego 'Furby', nie zapominajmy o różowych butach 'Barbie', szkaradnych 'żabich' okularach i ... łańcuchu. I tadaaaaam - jesteśmy gotowi by straszyć w zamku... Mam jedno, jedyne pytanie - co to do diabła ma być? Jakiś rodzaj żartu? Nieporozumienie? =/
Ale może wy macie inne zdanie - podzielcie się swoją opinią.


  1. I totally agree with you OLAdvb. In the past Hot Buys items were inspired by real brands - they were worth spending 20 sd. Now they look like cheap and useless freebies. I wouldn't wear them , even if someone gave it to me for free.

  2. LOL "Furby bag" and "inflatable raft coat". I totally agree. They're ugly. Those glasses are HUMUNGOUS!!!! The necklace looks like the vampire teeth necklace from Je T'Aime Pretty in Pink. The shoes are of course unoriginal but also cheap so I'll get them!!! :D i hate myself...lol...the bag...whoever designed that bag honestly needs to be shot...don't hate me for saying that...doesn't the model look in pain from wearing that stuff????

  3. UGLY! - applemartini


  4. Myfashion101 wrote:
    And that model is leaning off the edge of that railing because she wants to fall off and not have to be seen in those clothes anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry i divided my comments but i just thought of this ^^)

    I'm sorry sweetie but as I told before I will remove the split comments. That is against the Top Commentator rules - you left some of that kind of comments today. You can share your thoughts in one comment, right? :)
    Take care!

  5. ZOE_DIVINE2/20/2013

    This is such a disgrace. The model looks like she is being forced to smile, as if someone has a gun to her head and will shoot her if she does not do the shoot, smh. In addition, it looks as though her arms have already been dislocated for lack of conduct, I wouldn't blame her. By the way I love your similes "inflamable raft coat", "hideous frog glasses", "barbie shoes".Lol. This is just sad, is it seriously a joke?

  6. Masakra... Ten namiot,który ma być płaszczem kosztuje 19 sd?! A ja nawet za darmo bym go nie wzięła. A co do reszty to szkoda gadać.Porażka na całego -.-

  7. mój poprzedni komentarz się nie zapisał o.O
    MASAKRA! to jakaś totalna porażka, nie wiem czy ktokolwiek coś z tego kupi dno....

  8. Horrible...obviously stardoll believe they can sell these clothes by the virtue of a brand now... I was afraid that this was going to happen, I would much prefer to return to the monthly hotbuys.

  9. These hotbuys are horrible, specially the blue jacket, it looks like a giant ugly blob.

  10. O Boże :( Świat upadł!

  11. Anonymous3/24/2013

    petravangoiben0 is my nickname at stardoll!♥


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