Change in Nelly.com / Zmiana w Nelly.com

When Stardoll released Nelly.com (in December 2012) we could buy a few items in starcoins.
Now, after 6 months , they changed the prices into stardollars! What do you think about it?
Do you think it's fair?
Kiedy Stardoll w grudniu 2012 roku wypuścił sklep Nelly.com, mogliśmy zakupić kilka przedmiotów za starmonety - były to ceny w miarę normalne , więc nie możemy mówić tutaj o typowym błędzie. Teraz, po 6 miesiącach, "kochani" admini zmienili wszystko na stardollary. Co o tym sądzicie? To chyba nie jest fair.


  1. Kupiłam rzeczy za sm, ale niekorzystna zmiana

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  3. Whaaat? Why would they change it now? Seriously Stardoll, make up your mind about the prices before you release something!

  4. I already bought all those earrings. But, if I didn't, I'd be upset...

  5. Wow the few things that were starcoins.

  6. I had already bought the earings so I don't mind :)

  7. I had bought only the one pair of earrings :(

  8. Pinklady123cool5/19/2013

    Just so unfair.There are only few thing in Starplaza for SC and now they changed it too.Stardoll will eventually have to realize that not all of users are superstar and not all have money or want constantly pay if they want to buy something.Another thing I'm upset about is that they removed changing Sc to Sd feature,we now only have Sd-Sc and how we're gonna change it if we don't have SD.And what can we possible buy with Sc?

    1. I completely agree with you.

  9. No, it's not fair, because they changed it the same day they released a task, where you have to buy a Nelly-item to complete it.
    - Ladydiver


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