Free dress / Darmowa sukienka

To get it you have to: 
1. Change proxy to : port 8080
click HERE if you don't know how. 
2. Click this LINK , turn off the proxy and log into. 
3. Click each link and and click YES button.
If you're from USA, you don't have to use proxy. 
Aby ją zdobyć należy: 
1. Zmienić proxy na port 8080
kliknij TU jeśli nie wiesz jak to zrobić. 
2. Kliknij TUTAJ , wyłącz proxy i zaloguj się. 
3. Następnie odwiedź wszystkie linki (dostępne powyżej)
 i za każdym razem klikaj YES


  1. When I change the proxy, it doesn't work :(

    1. Clean the internet browser history first :)

  2. Ja dostałam ksiązki i koszulkę ;-;

    1. A sukienki nie? A jesteś członkiem klubu? Jeśli nie, używając proxy podanego w opisie wejdź tutaj: http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=3803429 i dołącz do klubu, następnie postępuj zgodnie z instrukcją ;)

    2. Nie. Nie jestem członkiem, a teraz klub nie działa.

    3. Coś się konkretnie pokazuje? Jakiś napis? Czy może proxy nie działa, jeśli tak - mogę podać kilka innych ;P

  3. It works, thanks, it's so cute! :)

  4. Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle late

    1. What are you talking about again? -_-

  5. Anonymous5/09/2013

    I can`t change my proxy.... :(((
    In my country it doesn`t work...

  6. Thanks!
    Stardoll: loveelmos_world
    Blogger: gloria brown

  7. This dress is really cute, thanks :)

  8. Well it is a few days late is all :)

    1. Perhaps you sit in front of the screen all day - we don't... So if you had found it somewhere before - you don't need to tell me about it... Your comments are more annoying each day.
      You always say how to do 'this' or 'that' , how 'late' we are or our shoes or hairstyle don't match the outfit... Think twice before you say something or say nothing. Speech is silver but silence is golden - it should be your motto -_-

  9. I'm entitled to my opinion. I'm only trying to help you get things quicker or easier. I gave away how to get ALL of the three optional Barbie gifts from a week or so ago. I'm not the only one who doesn't agree with every single makeover or every single comment you make either. I'm only giving constructive criticism.

    No one's perfect. I'm not trying to be annoying or hurt anyone's feelings or anything. If I was that bothersome, replying to comments that I don't get reminded about isn't a way to fix it. I'm just giving feedback! And not everything I say is negative. I love your outfits, your suite is amazing, and this blog is very well put together.

    If you just want viewers to say "yes" all the time and agree with everything you say, I'll just stop commenting. I thought this blog was supposed to be fun, help connect you with other Stardollies, and to express your creativity even more...I guess I was wrong...

    1. "...be fun, help connect you with other Stardollies, and to express your creativity even more..."

      You're funny with your statements. How can I express my creativity when you say 'You're late' about the stupid freebie post ( well "Miss Omniscient" forgot to notice we're from different countries, right? Oops we have a different time zone - have you ever thought about it? Or maybe you just assume I sit in front of the screen 24 hours a day ) You just couldn't spare my feelings, you had to SAY it, right? Does it make you feel better , wiser ?

      'You're late...' , 'It doesn't match..' , 'I would put on different shoes...' - this is only a proof you act like a 60 year old lady who always says 'NO' ... Yes, of course you're entitled to your opinion but sometimes it's better to shut mouth unless you want to hurt someone.
      But I guess you don't care...

      Let me do my job and create your own site if you want to show us that you can do it better.
      Perhaps you have no idea how difficult it is so that would be a great experience for you.

      You said : "If you just want viewers to say "yes" all the time and agree with everything you say, I'll just stop commenting"

      I don't want people to say "yes" all the time so don't imply that! There are people who say what they think but they are able to do it in considerate way not hurting anybody at the same time.
      So if you think it's against your personal beliefs and life philosophy... well
      I will not stop you if you want to leave...
      I'm just expressing my opinion...

  10. It is not always a few hours late, sometimes days, even weeks. You're my favorite blog so I guess I just raise the bar a little too high sometimes. I don't try to come across as arrogant or rude, I'm really not like that in real life. I'm sorry I don't acknowledge that we're from different time zones. But, I would just like to point out, you are ahead of me so that point is invalid.

    I DO care about others' feelings; I'm sorry if I'm acting snobbish and unthoughtful. I try to say my suggestions in a way so that you wouldn't think of it like that. I'm only giving feedback, I really am not trying to criticize everything. I really do try to be considerate. What I say are only suggestions, you don't have to listen to them at all. It's your image, not mine.

    I understand how it's stressful and all (I've tried blogging before, it was awful...). I understand that you think I'm just a hater who's being annoying and all. I promise to be kinder. I just don't want to agree with everything you say...I truly am sorry.

    1. "It is not always a few hours late, sometimes days, even weeks"

      You've got to be kidding me - that is NOT truth!
      I don't accept that kind of lies - they are worse than rude comments!

      "I just don't want to agree with everything you say..."

      You don't have to agree with me , I'm not asking you to do it - but sometimes it's better to check yourself before you say something ...
      I have never gone to other blogs to say they were late or they did something wrong - I respect their time and hard work. Perhaps they had a good reason to be late, they're not machines without personal life.

      Please be so kind and sometimes keep your negative opinions to yourself or try to put yourself in sb's shoes... That's all I'm asking for...


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