LE Spoilers


  1. są bardzo ładne jak to LE :D jak wejdą i jeszcze jakieś zostaną to sobie kupię :)

  2. *OMG* LE is coming!
    i confess i am not excited for this colections as i was with the previous one, but there're some fabulous itens i want to buy, like the white pearly dress, the cyan veil and white mini dress, and some other stuff too:) but, for my taste, this collection is not so cool as the previous one , anyway some clothes on spoilers seem better on dressing room, right? so, let's wait!!!
    By the way, anyone have any clue for the release date????
    please friends, anything, let me know please please...^^ i use to arrive so late into the LE releases... i was 2 nights with no proper sleep just to get all the goodies i wanted in the past LE collection,. hope this time i can be able to get since the begining too! :D

  3. ....afff forgot to say i loved the interior ^^

  4. LE is out ^^ with a lot of bugs, appearing and disappearing from plaza, but i could buy the items i wanted. as always, very pricey... :/ there're so many bugs... the clothes and shoes are even appearing on the tab "fazshion you can sell" from the starbazaar... i could sell already a new shoe through the starbazaar! ( from the newest sea collection ) ... but i think stardoll you fix it in a short time

  5. ooo kupilabym kilka rzeczy <3


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