Nowe piętra w Starplazie / New floors in Starplaza


  1. z okularów tylko jedne przypadły mi do gustu, a z ciuszków... hmmm torebki na pewno :D

  2. I bought the pink dress on the far right of the Voile Sorbet picture, it works great on my MeDoll! I don't think the Voile Bridal is AMAZING although it is pretty good!All the spectacular glasses are cool, although I think some of them look a little weird on my MeDoll and they are mostly stardollars!

  3. I like some clothes from Voile!!! and also from Bridal :) it's also amazing that some are in coins :) some dresses are a bit weird to my ( also weird ) taste, but the stores are very nice! on the glasses i did not bought nothing :/ they are very ...hmmmmm...excentric to me :/


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